Friday, 6 March 2015

Poecilia reticulata "Carupano" and updates!

At the Aquarium fair in Vejle (pics here ) I met Claus Osche who brought me a bag of nice Poecilia reticulata from Phillip Voisin & Co.'s travels to Venezuela. They are from the town of Carúpano, northeast of Campoma by the coast. Collection year should be 2008.

There is quite some variation between the males. Small and brighter and big and paler:

Small fish and well defined pattern.

Difference in colour intesity and some with a black spot midbody. Others without.

No black spot below the dorsal.

I have updated the Cumana-phenotypes and Campoma-phenotypes along with the San José.
A page with my other livebearers is also under construction.

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