Updates by category

Updates by category. This will make it easier to find older updates concerning specific topics

Poecilia wingei:
What are Staecks endlers
Campoma colonies
Oseibo and Slush Orange
Variations in Campoma No. 31 - Blue Snake
New Black Peacocks
One of the prettiest? Emerald Green/Blue Neon
Campoma No. 45 variations
Merry X-mas and more Cumana
What came from El Silverado
New variations in San José and a few other pictures
More Campomas added
Another Blue Star development
Crossing strains
A few Poecilia wingei projects I am working on

Other livebearers:
Finally Quintana atrizona fry
Guppies...Carupano has coloured up
Quintana and Scolichtys
Poecilia reticulata "Carupano"
More San José
Phallichthys tico and Danish events
New variations in San José and a few other pictures

New species spawning for me
Elegans and finally some nijsseni success
Cory-eggs and fry by the hundreds
Corydoras sp. "Aripuana" CW68 and Corydoras carlae
Fast Corydoras Nijsseni and other new Corys
Corydoras boesemani and Corydoras gryphus
Corydoras Youtube clips

Breeding Sawbwa resplendens
Danio margaritatus - Already a classic
Breeding Barbus hulstaerti "Lompole"

Shrimp and crayfish:
The Princess
Caridina sp. Red Spotted and new magazine
Robustness-test of Taiwan bees
Garden season ending and shrimp disease
Garden shrimp
Galaxy Tiger contaminant breeding well
Caridina trifasciata
New critters; Caridinas and crayfish
Galaxy Tiger update plus "Red Hat" and "Green Jade"
Neocaridinas and the fishroom
More magazines and snowballs
Red Tiger and something to read

Breeding Aphyosemion celiae celiae
Killies in the mailbox
Aphyosemion aff. pascheni

Outdoor and Fishroom:
Garden season ending and shrimp disease
Collecting food and decor for fish and shrimp
Garden shrimp
Rebuilding fishroom
The great outdoors

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