Links to helpful pages and forums I use myself:


Endlersruseu is a forum mainly in Dutch, but it also contains an English speaking section for the international oriented hobbyist. Great resource for especially EU-based hobbyists.

Paul Eijkhouts Endless Endlers is a good resource for Poecilia wingei in particular with a bit of information attached to each strain he keeps.

Jef Pedros Casa di Guppy is a place to go for wild forms of Poecilia reticlata but also P. wingei.

Faszination-lebendgebaerende is a good site for info on various small livebearers.

DGLZ has some good info and also a forum-section where a lot of good tips can be found!

Lebendgebaerende  is another good German-language site with a forum-section where lots of info can be found!

Kellerguppy by Peter Pongratz is another good site. Excellent pictures! is a blog by Axel Eywill and contains news and info. Axel can also supply fish.

Shimpei Taniguchis blog shows some fantastic pictures from his breeding of Poecilia wingei and other livebearers.


Planetcatfish is number one when it comes to covering catfish from A-Z! A good resource for almost anything catfish related!

Corydorasworld is the place to go for anything Corydoradinae-related. With Corydoras being my favourit catfish I have spent a lot of time there!

Scotcat is another great place to go for articles, forum etc.!


Rejeforum  is a Danish shrimp-forum. Good exchange of info and experiences.

Planetinverts is a good source for information about the different species etc. is good too! Some good articles for the more scienetific related stuff.


It Rains Fishes by Frans Vermeulen is a fantastic resource for those who like South American killies.

Killifish from West Africa gives a good view on Aphyosemion etc. from this part of the world.


Seriouslyfish is my favourite all-round site with a good forum wich includes the latest scientific stuff as well. A lot of diversity!

Clubs I am a member of:

Poecilia Scandinavia is a club for those who keep natural varieties of livebearers. A lot of fish with collection data! Coorporation with especially Aqualab in Morelia, Mexico and also other scientific programs gives a solid base and a lot of knowledge for the members.

Skandinavisk Killiselskab is the Scnadinavian Killifish Association. Every year a big auction is held in Copenhagen.

Catfish Study Group has some great coorporation with scientists and for some years I used to frequent the Catfish Convention held near Manchester, UK. Absolutely recommendable! A good magazine is also distributed.

Internationale Gemeinschaft Barben Salmler Schmerlen Welse is a German association for barbs, characins, loaches and catfish. Very informative magazine and a lot of regional work.

Skive Akvarieforening is my local club. We have a show/market every autumn.

Shops I use:

Note that none of these have any financial interest in this blog!

Rendo-shrimp gives good service. Cheap shipping with good tracking and fine animals every time.

Unimati is a good shop for fish you don't see every day. Relaxed surroundings and always coffee while you browse the tanks!

Neonfisken is another one of Denmarks rarer fish specialist shops. Always worth a visit.

Bonnie Dyrecenter Rødovre has a reputation for having some of the absolutely nicest looking shop-tank in the country. Well deserved! And rare fish too!

Bonnie Dyrecenter Viborg is my "local" shop with a good variety and frequently some quite rare fish. This shop also have some very good looking tanks!

Akvarieverden is run by a friend of mine and I buy most of my equipment from this shop.

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