Thursday, 26 March 2015

Caridina trifasciata!

After reading the Breeders'n'Keepers Wildshrimp China-edition I really wanted to get some of the beauties shown in there. Especially Caridina trifasciata which is found in a few streams in New Territories, Hong Kong on the Sai Kung Peninsula and Kai Sau Chai Island. 

Being close to impossible to find in Denmark where fancy-coloured Neocaridina davidi and Taiwan bees dominate the hobby, I got some Caridina trifasciata from Garnelen-Guemmer in Germany mid-february and further 11 from a German breeder. All are still alive and well. Even a couple carrying eggs are spotted. 
On arrival all looked similar; transparent body with a few black markings across. After settling in, the colours I was after are showing; blue, white, black, transparent and all in between!
Keeping wild-type shrimp is definately something I will give more focus. I don't think any selection for colour can be made with these chameleons, but that is not my goal. I just like to watch the diversity in a group like this.

10 random animals, big diversity!

Dark blue...

 Paler specimen...

Female carrying eggs. White patches on the back.

Big difference!

Freshly arrived yesterday from a German breeder! Good looking animals:

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