Monday, 19 January 2015

Phallichthys tico!...and Danish events!

Apart for my obvoius focus on shrimps and Poecilia wingei, I also keep other smalle livebearers. One is Phallichthys tico from Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. Mine are from the David Macallister collection.

Really nice little species wich seem to thrive in my tanks when it is not kept with Poecilia wingei. Actually keeping any other livebearer with P. wingei seems to end in P. wingei taking over completely and the other species suffering. 

The males of P. tico are nice and golden with black edged on the fins. The female is a little more discrete, but in the right light also very pretty.

They like lots of plants and live food and seem not to eat the fry.

A few photos I took while feeding live artemia; the tank is quite dark, but I managed to take decent photos I think.

I would also like to advertise a couple of very recommendable events taking place in Denmark over the next months!

Vejle Akvariemesse 2015

The link is in Danish, but the place is well worth a visit.

This event is held as a fair/marketplace with shops and breeders from Denmark and Germany selling equipment, plants, shrimps, fish etc., and you really never know what you will find here.
At the end of the first day there will be a presentation about small livebearers by myself (in Danish).

Another event to look out for is this:

Aqua Auktion Viborg 2015

An auction with somewhere between 600 and 1000+ lots. Fish, plants and equipment from breeders all over Denmark. Noone knows what pops up. There are sometimes very nice surprises!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Apart form the Caridina mariae "Red Tiger" I showed a while ago I also keep these species and types...

The Caridina cantonensis "Tangerine Tiger" is a really nice shrimp and easy to keep and breed too! The yellow/orange colour stands out really well in most environments and they don't seem particularly shy. In my tanks they are always out and about even if they share tank with a group of Corydoras C90 and some Poecilia wingei.

Another old favourite of mine that I recently reaquired is the C. mariae "Blue Tiger". I got some from a Danish breeder and some from Germany as well, to get a mixed genepool if that is possible...
So far there has been a few berried ones but still I haven't seen any young. They share the tanks with Poecilia wingei wich should not be a problem, but also with Danio margaritatus and Barbus hulsterti. I am more worried about those being shrimplet-eaters...I have set breeding tanks up for both Cyprinids, so if they are a problem, the problem should be gone soon.
I used to breed a lot of Blue Tigers about 5 years ago. I hope to be succesful this time too.

These I got at a Börs in Braunsweig, Germany around 2006 and they have been breeding in my tanks ever since, no matter what conditions I have presented them for.
They were bought as "New Bee" without any further identity other than they were a Caridina sp.
Members in the Facebook-group Shrimps and mosses suggested either Caridina cf. tumida or C. cf. trifasciata. I can see the resemblence with C. tumida. Time will tell if anything else indicating another ID shows up.

At last there are my Caridina sp. Galaxy Tigers...aquired from Germany in December 2013 and arriving looking like 2-3 species! These pics are from the arrival - new ones are to be taken soon. So far one of the "oddballs" is berried. Looking forward to shimplets!

The Caridina spp. page is here.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Neocaridinas and the fishroom!

I photographed my various Neocaridinas. Easy work compared to livebearers, just waiting for them to be in the right place.

There are some really nice (although common) ones and I hope I can keep up the quality and colour.

A link to the Neocaridina spp. page here!

Also, if missed ealier, I have added a page about my fishroom here.

Topas blue is a favourite of mine!...

...along with Yellow fire neon!

Monday, 5 January 2015

My fishroom and a few new pics!

So, 2015 is here...

I have added a page with short info and pictures of my fishroom here.

There's also some pictures of my previous fishrooms. The one I have now is probably going through a rebuild sometime in 2015.

I also updated the Cumana-area phenotypes with the newest photos, among others a decent shot of my Green Top Sword:

I have taken some photos of my other livebearers, but have not been able to find time to resize them etc., but hope to do so soon!