Monday, 15 December 2014

What came from El Silverado...

Earlier, before this blog, I showed a fish in various Facebook-groups:

Here is the continued story of this fish and how it has gone since then:

In late 2013 I got some F1 Poecilia wingei "El Silverado" from Phillip Voisin of fish he caught in early spring the same year.

Really nice fish! The strain has become very popular since they were released into the hobby.
No wonder, really!

I am not aware of other wingei with that pure silver colour. The red, black and green frame just makes it perfect.
Some of mine exhibit red/black dorsal, others completely black dorsal.

In the F2 generation a single fish stood out, displaying snake-chest and a slight differenct in colours in general:

From these (F3 from wild) another one showed up, showing a very faint and different snake pattern and a completely circular black spot on the chest. The dorsals are black and white instead of black and red. Really nice fish too!

I am thinking of making 2 lines; one with snake and one with chest-spot.

Isn't it amazing what can come out of some small silvery fish from Cumana? Next year I hope to have enough to share these with other enthusiasts in the hobby.


  1. Very interesting. soon I will have "snakesilverado" fryes too - will see black spot sows up or something else..........

    1. I look foward to see your results too Jüri!

  2. Wow! You have round point at the beginning of tail too!