Friday, 19 December 2014

More magazines!...and snowballs!

Again the mailbox was full of good stuff; the new Amazonas-magazine and the new journal from the Catfish Study Group !
Both (as usual) containing very good and elaborate articles on Otocinclus by Hans Georg Evers and Michael Hardman respectively. Reading those really made me want to try breeding some, but from my partly failed attempt at breeding Otothyropsis piribebuy last year (I had lots of eggs but failed to raise more than a handful of fry) I know that my available time for caring for fragile fry is none existing. I have to only keep fish that can be without attention for a few days if needed.

The CSG-journal also has a good article about the identity of Corydoras arcuatus by Steven Grant...really worth a read!
If you are not a subscriber of Amazonas or a member of the CSG (but interested in anything catfish-related), please do consider to try it!

Christmas as coming up and what is more suiting than some pictures of Snowball shrimps - Neocaridina palmata "White Pearl" of the simplest shrimp to keep, but also, to me anyway, one of the nicest to look at!

My set up for these shrimps is very simple; a small tank with tap water and an air-driven HMF-filter, fine sand, a few pieces of wood and some leaves and a clump of moss.
They share the tank with a group of Poecilia wingei. The shrimp population is growing fast, even if the wingei snatch a shrimplet from time to time.

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