Monday, 22 December 2014

Merry X-mas and more Cumana!

This is the last post this year, so merry X-mas and a happy newyear to all of you who have stopped by.

I have done some pictures on my Cumana Center City 2013 colony males. Really a lot of variation! I hope to be able to add more phenotypes next year!

One of my favourites; such a simple pattern but it really catches the eye!

Yellow top sword seems to be a quite common trait in Cumana. Several phenotypes from both Armando Pous and Phillip Voisin and Co.'s collections are showing this.

This one is a bit strange - in the colony-tank it shows a big, black chest sport covering most of the front half. When moved to the phototank the spot "shrinks", probably due to stress. I will try to get a good shot in the main tank at some point!

Another yellow top-type. Quite similar to Adrian HD's Red Top Yellow Sword, but side by side there are differences. Furthermore this is from another location. Adrians fish are derived from Laguna de los Patos-fish.

This phenotype I am currently keeping in a singe-type tank. It gives a few variations. I mostly like the ones with the filigree caudalfin-pattern and more prominent snakechest (the one in the second picture).

The Cumana Rainbow also has its own tank. Really nice type and really difficult to photograph and get the colours right!

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