Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sorting out shrimps!

Apart from my livebearers, the past year has seen more and more shrimps entering my tanks. I used to keep quite a few shrimps years back when Caridina mariae "Blue Tiger" was new and exotic.

Currently I keeps some different Neocaridinas but also Caridinas.

A few evenings ago I spent some time sorting out my Naocaridina davidi "Blue Carbon Rili" and "Black/brown Sakuras". I did some photos, but clearly I nned to work on photographing shrimps. Maybe a good macro lens would help...

The blue carbons really throw a lot of different ones. Of course blue carbon, but also ther blue ones in varying intensisy aling with normal carbon rili and some whiteish ones with a red "cap" on top of the head...

Not  so "rili" but nice blue with darker spots...

One of my original adults from a German breeder...

The same specimen as above, but a different angle.

Notice the "red capped" one on the snail in the middl of the picture.

The whole lot!

Some of the ones that went back in the tank:

Some of the ones that went into another tank to see how they develop:

Next it was time for the brown/black ones. All are from 10 Black Sakuras bought early 2014. These really give me some work. I take out some brown ones and after a while they look black and vice versa. I am thinking of getting some blacks from a  different strain next year to see if I can improve on these.


Brown. Nice, really!

 The brown ones that went in a seperate tank...

 The ones that were most black went into another.

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