Thursday, 11 December 2014

Red Tiger and something to read!

Recently I bought some Caridina mariae "Red Tiger" from a German breeder via ebay kleinanzeigen. Really some of the nicest shrimp I have ever had and I look forward to work with them.
I keep them in my tapwater (pH around 7,5 and 10 dH, a TDS around 400), wich is the easy option. I don't have time to play around with too much water preparation and for the time being they seem to be fine. I have previously had good success with Blue Tigers in this water.

I took some pics wich turned out OK.

Notice the red parts on the legs!

Yesterday I also went to the postoffice to pick up Breeders'n'keepers 1+2 and the Wildshrimp China Special-edition.
A lot of good information and already I am already eager to try some wildtype shrimp bescribed in the latter. This is much more educational and useful than a lot of the information online that points in all directions. The people who put these magazines together, Chrus Lukhaup & Co. and all the contributors, really have something to tell. I realise I am a bit late to get my hands on these magazines, but as I have mentioned earlier I have been more or less shrimpless for some years. If you don't have these magazines yet I can only recommend to order them ASAP!
To sit back with a cup of coffee and read these articles is really worth the time.

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