Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Galaxy Tiger contaminant breeding well!

In december I recieved a box containing 15 Caridina sp. Galaxy Tigers, or so I thought. Some were different, not showing the tiger-pattern. These seem to breed quite easily in my tap-water. They grow quite big! Up to around 4 cm. in bodylength.

If they are from the same location as the Galaxy Tigers, it would be somewhere in South China. Not easy to determine what species this really is!

So far I've kept them in the same tank as the Galaxys so maybe they have hybrididzed and maybe not. I am sending an adult specimen and some young next week for examination. It would be really nice to have a better idea of what these are.

Big mamma with juveniles.


Interesting to see how this develops...nice blue!

The Galaxy-box contained these apart from the "real" ones:

Judging from the blue colour in some of the juveniles it could be that at least the first pictured one was involved. Time will tell!

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