Thursday, 23 April 2015

Killies in the mailbox!

I used to have a rack with 40 tanks just for killies. Mainly Rivulus and Aphyosemion. At some point I had to scale down and most of the killies went out the door.

Recently I have regained some interest and not so long ago I showed my Aphyosemion aff. pascheni which is a really pretty species.

I have also managed to get a group of young Fundulopanchax scheeli and trade myself to a pair of one of my favourites; Aphyosemion striatum from friends who live close to me. The striatum-strain is the Moyoko GJS 00/32 which was collected by, among others, Danish breeder Mogens Juhl.

Aphyosemion striatum - Moyoko GJS 00/32.

On Aquabid I have also been tempted a few times already, getting eggs of Aphyosemion mengilai GEM 2005/6 from user "Nachowin". The best packed eggs I have recieved in along time! Packed between two sheets of white filterwool-like material instead of peat or coconut fibre. Makes it easy to find the eggs!

Aphyosemion mengilai-eggs hatching.

Also eggs of some Austrolebias for the garden has been recieved from Germany. Nicely labelled with all data by Dieter Oberle (username: Killifischblackforest).

Good information is important when buying eggs.

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