Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cory eggs and fry by the hundreds!

I may only have two tanks set up for breeding Corys, but when the groups take turns between being fed very well in the small shrimp/livebearer/Cory-comunnities I have, it is actually quite effective!

Recently I had my C. gryphys-group consisting of a handful of males and one female set up. I gave them a sunken mop and I must say the result amazed me! I have never ever gotten this amount of eggs from them. I blame the sunken mop for my luck. Apparently this was a very good idea!

The egg count was in the 100+ area from just one female.

Corydoras gryphus eggs and hatchlings.

One of the possible fathers!

Deciding to try my luck with the sunken mop with C. erhardti, I put them in the tank instead of my C. gryphus. A waterchange, wait for a day and a half and they were going crazy in the mop!
I have never ever harvested so many eggs from erhardti before.

The sunken mop...behind dirty glass.

Corydoras erhardti.

The group of CW68s I borrowed back from a friend really delivered the goods! They began with 2 small spawnings of around 20 eggs and then delivered this:

Eggs on javafern...

Eggs, eggs, layers!

Egg-tower on snail!

Hopefully this will bring more of these little zygatus look-a-likes to the hobby!

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