Monday, 23 February 2015

Random fish and new purchases!

Last weekend I spent a few hours looking, buying and giving a talk on small livebearers at Vejle Akvariemesse, one of the biggest aquaristic fairs/events in Denmark during the year. This year 1300+ people visited! Of course I forgot to tage any pictures!

I came home with quite a few new fishes:

(Para)caridina hainanensis "Super Princess Bee"
Caridina trifasciata
Caridina cantonensis "Golden Tiger"
Trigonostigma somphongsi
Danio aesculapii
Oryzias sarasinorum
Quintana atrizona "Guanimar. Cuba 1987"
Corydoras nijssenni
Phalloceros caudimaculatus "Centurión, Cerro Largo. Uruguay 2010, Morten Ask"
Phalloceros caudimaculatus "Aquarium strain"
Poecilia reticulata "Carupano, Venezuela 2008, Phillip Voisin"
Poecilia wingei "Campoma 2011 No. 25, Phillip Voisin" to add to my existing group.

I have also done a few shots of "old" fish. The new ones are awaiting time to do pictures!
I also need to update my species list and phenoype lists...

Shimpei Taniguchis "Orange Body", derived from Laguna la Malaguena 2004-fish.

Adrian Hernandez' "Mint Top Sword"...

A favouorite of mine; Poecilia sp. "Orange Line", collected in Rio Morichal, El Salto, Venezuela 1996 by Karl Mayerhofer and Norbert Svardahl. 
Really tricky to get good photos with these fast and surface-oriented fish!


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