Friday, 20 February 2015

More San José!

Just a short update before Vejle Aquarium Fair 2015 tomorrow. I am looking forward to do a quick round to say hello to some people, pick up (too many!) fish and shrimps and deliver some too!


One of my favourite tanks to look into is the San José-tank. Always something new to spot. The 7 pairs I recieved from Phillip Voisin last year have made it beyond 100 fish with new male patterns appearing constantly.
I hope to recieve more fish this year the expand the population further.

Previous phenotyopes can be seen here.
These shots of later types show the diversity in colour and body shape that makes this population so unique and exciting...

 Really great caudal pattern!

Completely different bodyshape...

Close comparison.

Yet another new type...

...and one more, with nice sword.

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