Thursday, 26 February 2015

New critters; Caridinas and crayfish!

From Garnelen Guemmer I got a few new things last week. Jens from the shop was at the fair in Vejle and I pre-ordered some shrimps to pick up.

I got some new ones for my Caridina cantonensis "Tangerine Tiger"-tank to add some "new blood", but i also got a bag of (Para)caridina hainanensis "Super Princess Bee". The ID might not be correct as it seems there is some confusion about this species, but from what I understand from Andreas Karge, they are currently Cardina hainanensis scientifically, although they seem to be Paracaridina at a closer look.

In any case very pretty animals!

Contrary to many of my other shrimps, these seem to prefer to sit on leaves instead of the HMF-filter mat or the sand substrate.

I also bought a bag of Caridina trifasciata. After reading the Breeders'n'keepers "China Wild"-edition I wanted to get this species, but it is not possible to locate any here in Denmark. Between the animals there are both light and dark specimens and in the future I want to purchase some from German breeders to see if I can get more diversity.

Light and dark.

Something else I bought was some Cambarellus patzcuarensis "Orange". I've never kept crayfish before, so I thought I'd start with something "easy" and well known. I think I got some pretty nice animals!

On a side-note, I have seen a lot of shrimplet from these Galaxy will be interesting to see what they grow up to be!

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