Monday, 19 January 2015

Phallichthys tico!...and Danish events!

Apart for my obvoius focus on shrimps and Poecilia wingei, I also keep other smalle livebearers. One is Phallichthys tico from Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. Mine are from the David Macallister collection.

Really nice little species wich seem to thrive in my tanks when it is not kept with Poecilia wingei. Actually keeping any other livebearer with P. wingei seems to end in P. wingei taking over completely and the other species suffering. 

The males of P. tico are nice and golden with black edged on the fins. The female is a little more discrete, but in the right light also very pretty.

They like lots of plants and live food and seem not to eat the fry.

A few photos I took while feeding live artemia; the tank is quite dark, but I managed to take decent photos I think.

I would also like to advertise a couple of very recommendable events taking place in Denmark over the next months!

Vejle Akvariemesse 2015

The link is in Danish, but the place is well worth a visit.

This event is held as a fair/marketplace with shops and breeders from Denmark and Germany selling equipment, plants, shrimps, fish etc., and you really never know what you will find here.
At the end of the first day there will be a presentation about small livebearers by myself (in Danish).

Another event to look out for is this:

Aqua Auktion Viborg 2015

An auction with somewhere between 600 and 1000+ lots. Fish, plants and equipment from breeders all over Denmark. Noone knows what pops up. There are sometimes very nice surprises!

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