Monday, 16 November 2015

Caridina sp. Red Spotted and new magazine!

Finally it is out! Breeders'n'Keepers vol. 3...and the team behind really did a good job! A good balance between articles about fancy shrimp like Skunks and SCB and others via in-the-field articles about habitats and wild shrimp (my personal favourites!) to articles about diseases and how to avoid or treat them. For me this is the best of the 3 issues published so far, not counting the ChinaWild-edition which was quite spectacular. Go and get it!

One of the shrimp featured in the second wildie-article in this issue is living close to where Caridina sp. Galaxy Tiger is collected. It is Caridina sp. Red Spotted, which shares it's biotope with the more famous loach Yaoshania pachychilus.

I ordered Caridina sp. Spotted Galaxy from a German webshopduring the summer and I am quite convinced this is the same shrimp.

They have proved prolific and easy to breed, both in my tapwater at pH around 7,5 - 420 microsiemens/cm. and in lower values too.

The spots are reddish and can look black too, depending on light. They are nice in their own way, not showing too many fancy colours, but they are really active and moving around constantly.

...eating cucumber meant for the snails ( I need to thin them out)...

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