Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New species spawning for me!

So, it's been really long time since I had a real fish-update on my blog. Simply due to being busy looking for a new job, building a playhouse for my son and refitting the fishroom (which is still not finished!).

Recently I redistributed some Corydoras in my rack with 30 litre tanks. After being occupied by Poecilia wingei of various forms for a couple of years it was now time to get back in the Cory-game!

One of the species I wanted to try was my C129. I have kept them on 2 occasions - the fist group I had for a few years but they refused to spawn no matter what I tried so eventually they were sold off during a clean-out.

Two years ago I bought some again. They came as Corydoras sp. "Victoria" via Glaser, and although I had hoped for CW30 it turned out to be C129 as expected. Still a nice species that I hadn't succeeded with so why not try it again? It has been two years and only now did I actually do something about it!
After 4 days there was eggs this morning, spread evenly on the glass in 1-2-3s all over the tank. Now time will tell if the eggs will hatch and fry can be raised.

Grey Corydoras with black spots - still nice!

Looking promising...

The tank. The big chestnut-leaf was added yesterday. Trigger?

The tankmates; Caridina mariae "Supertiger".

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