Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Until recently, many of my wingei have been kept in single-phenotype tanks, but to free some tanks to other projects and because it is more "natural", I decided to merge my Campoma 2011-phenotypes into two colonies.
It is easy to split them up again if I decide to do so; Campoma females seem not to matter too much when it comes to phenotype; so far all my line-breeding attemts have proved that the male decides the outcome.

Sadly I lost a few phenotypes recently. I hope to add them (and more) to my collection again over the summer!

Colony one consists of these phenotypes:

Campoma No. 43 - Lavender.

Campoma No. 46 - Wild Yellow Tiger.

Campoma No. 28 - Red!

Campoma No. 31 - Blue Snake.

Colony two consists of these:

No. 48.

No. 45.

No. 25.

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