Sunday, 23 November 2014

Crossing strains...

In september 2013 I got some P. wingei from Phillip Voisin. The Cumana Center City-collection he did along with his friends has really given the hobby a boost with new patterns. Among other fish, I got this one from Phil:

I really like the red colour and the black spots along the back. Currently it is housed in my Center City-colony. I hope more of these will pop up over the next months!
But for a short while I kept this male with some Cumana 2006 "Lime Green" females. What came out of that? A couple if different types; most looks like the one below:

Quite "common-looking" peacock-type. But there are some others in the mix as well:

I especially like the ones with the white ring around the peacock-dot and will try to fix that along with the red body colour. Could be a really nice strain!

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