Wednesday, 10 September 2014


A few Poecilia wingei-projects I am working on:

Currently I am working on fixing this pattern; Laguna Campoma 2011 "Blue Snake". The snake-pattern in not as visible on all specimens as it is on the pictured fish (which is my best so far). The males is isolated with a handfull of young females.

This is another one I am working on; in my "Blue Star"-tank a few with this caudal pattern showed up and now I have 10+ of them in a tank with young females. Time will tell how dominant this trait is. I personally like them a lot!

The above fish turned up in the first batch of "El Silverado"-fry. I got some F1 fish from Phillip Voisin who collected this phenotype close to the higway in the southern part of Cumaná, Venezuela in 2013. Below is one of the "normal" phenotype for "El Silverado".

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