Monday, 23 March 2015

Aphyosemion aff. pascheni!

Until now I haven't updated any killifish to my blog, but recently I took some pictures of my Aphyosemion aff. pascheni "Mougue ABL 08/200". It's a really nice type from the Calliurum-group and found not too far from Kribi, Cameroon. They are by some breeder reported to be difficult, but I breed them quite easily. A 50/50 mix of rain-and tapwater and around 23C. seems to suit them fine, along with plenty of live foods.
The eggs are  laid in mops and can be prone to fungus, but quite a few does hatch and I also find a lot of fry in with the parents when I do everything properly.
The winther has been busy so they have mostly been fed dry foods, so production is close to non-existent. The do get some Artemia nauplii, and as these pictures show they like it a lot!

I keep a pair in a 16 litre tanks with black gravel substrate, some Oak/Beech leaves and a clump of Java Moss and a mop in one of the corners. Eggs are often placed where the mop is touching the substrate.

The male is a stunning fish with red markings and white edges in the fins!

The females is also a nice fish; yellow fins and red spots.

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